Welcome to the eStaffing Office at Good Shepherd Penn Partners!

The eStaffing website is designed to streamline the scheduling process and enhance transparency in the scheduling practice. Transparency in scheduling offers several important benefits to the employee and the employer; most notability, each has an ability to project opportunities to fill open shifts. 

Our goal is to present all the components necessary to improve efficiency in coordinating nursing staff. We anticipate a reduction in errors as few persons will now input changes into the master schedules presented by the various staffing committees throughout the hospital. 

Online forms are accessible to request overtime, vacation, swap shifts, PTO, etc. Confirmation of employee requests will occur by viewing an updated published master schedule or receiving an e-mail via your UPHS account.  

We have opted for password protection security. Each employee will create an individual account that can be used to access the eStaffing website from home. Do not use your UPHS log-on credentials or your bank account log-on credentials, as administrators in the staffing office can view employee log-on credentials. Please let us know if you are experiencing trouble accessing the website because benefits will strengthen when staff members log-on regularly and consistently without exception.

A final note, the eStaffing website is an alternative to exclusive staffing software solutions. Please email us with any suggestions you may have to make the site as user-friendly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!  

eStaffing Office
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