eStaffing Office
Time Card for Employees (Edit Sheet)

Employee Name
Phone Number
Pay Period Ending
Time In/ Out
Reason Code
Please use this form to record all entry to the ETIME system. This form serves as the OFFICIAL audit log/ timecard for the electronic timesheets. If an employee needs no correction or additions, it is not necessary to complete this form. 

Employee confirms the information is accurate and correct before submission!  

Office Use Only

Authorization for Additional Pay: 



Supervisor Signature (Required)  Date Approved 


Use the following reason codes to identify the reason for the correction:

Hourly employees only:
MP- Missed Punch
NM- No Meal
LM- Long Meal
SM- Short Meal

All Employees:
SPTO- Scheduled Paid-Time Off
USPTO- Unscheduled Paid-Time Off
ESB- Extended Sick Bank (required documentation, must be submitted)
NSNP- Not Scheduled/ Not Paid Absence

CC- Cross Charge
MG- In-house Training
BR- Bereavement (Relationship of deceased)
ML- Military Time
SM- Seminar
JD- Jury Duty
INT FMLA- Intermittent FLMA
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